Packaging Supply for Relocation Packers Movers Companies

Packaging Supply for Relocation Packers Movers Companies

Relocation packers and movers need Quality packing material for safety of home items for secured transportation, Sharma relocation packers and movers provides best packing moving material and secure the items with good quality moving services. Our supplies deliver everything you need, from standard storage boxes and cartons, tape and bubble wrap, to the more specialized van blankets and furniture covers, meaning materials are one less thing you’ll need to worry about. Give us a call today to find out more or browse the table below for our full product listings!

All Purpose Removals has a great range of moving boxes and packing supplies you can purchase online to assist you with moving house. We also have packing teams available who can help with the packing of your precious crockery, glassware and paintings.

We offer the services and materials needed to ensure your belongings are kept safe during transit from one premises to another. Our packers only use high-quality boxes and packing supplies, and are available to pack as little or as much as you require.

We’re also able to supply and deliver cartons and materials should you choose to complete the packing on your own. Choose from our extensive range of packing supplies including:

  1. Moving boxes
  2. Porta-robes
  3. Bubble wrap
  4. Butcher paper
  5. Protective plastics.

We offer packing kits based on the typical amount required for our clients’ house size. These kits are supplied prior to your move, and you’ll only be charged for the number of materials used on moving day. Our professionals will remove surplus boxes and packing supplies on the day of your move at no cost.

Carton Boxes

Cardboards are the best accessories for packing and storing any kind of goods or valuable commodities. We manufacture various types of boxes made out of organic and recycled cardboard material. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be used for jewelry, shipping, cargo freight, logistical purposes and many more.

Every box has a substantial weight to withstand but this gives enormous safekeeping of goods if used appropriately. High quality and heavyweight boxes go through a standard test. This ensures a better quality of boxes for the best security of goods.

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Corrugated Sheet for best packing

The corrugated sheets are widely used in designing of corrugated boxes, folders and cartons. These sheets are generally made of different types of papers, paper boards and other materials. Due to superior load bearing strength, the corrugated sheet boxes are preferred by the manufacturers of electrical appliances, utensils and sanitary ware.

Our company has established a full fledged infrastructure for efficient production of our diversified packaging boxes, sheets and rolls. Apart from packaging application, corrugated sheets are also used in handicrafts items and kitchen utensils. The aluminum, steel and plastic corrugated sheets are extremely resistant to the weathering conditions and therefore, suitable for making of building roofs.

Packaging products like corrugated boxes, cartons and containers are made of single, double and multi-layered corrugated sheets. The multilayered corrugated containers can carry medium to heavy duty items like LCD televisions, Refrigerators, cooler fans and many more. The corrugated sheets are available in different dimension sizes that cater the varied requirements of the industry. Paper corrugated sheets are eco friendly as its disposal does not have adverse impact on environment. We offer our all packaging sheets, rolls and boxes at cost effective prices.

A corrugated roll is made of crepe paper, tissue paper, paper boards, plastic films and many more. These products are widely used for packaging of various products like plastic ware, glass ware and steel utensils. We have developed an extensive vendor base to procure quality raw materials for our packaging products. Our corrugated rolls are available in different lengths and colors in order to fulfill the extensive demands of customers. The corrugated paper rolls are generally used in packaging of diversified industrial products.

Stretch Film

Stretch film rolls are recyclable and majorly used to offer protection to the products and packages from dust, moisture and pilferage. Stretch film rolls find usage in logistic, electronics as well as food industry. Stretch Film is now available online at sharma and is handy to use, user friendly and used for wrapping products to protect against dust and moisture. Rest assured that the stretch wraps you find at sharma provide a water resistant cover, offers a high load bearing strength and is resistance to package pilferage. The stretch film can be wrapped along with corrugated sheet or bubble wrap to get an extra impact resistance.

The stretch wrap film finds application in many areas such as wrapping small bundles, protecting products etc. They are also used in pallet wrapping and is specifically designed to keep products moisture free, ensuring longer shelf life. Use of stretch film rolls also help in preventing any damage during transit. You can choose from a wide array of films to suit manual application on various product types from best brands like GENERIC, FLEXISTRETCH, Super Deal, Flexi Stretch etc. They are easy to use and are economical and strong. FlexiStretch 14-inch Stretch Film Roll, Super Deal Micron Stretch Film Roll, Generic Stretch Film Roll and Ashoka Timber Packing Stretch Films are some of the best options to consider. Rest assured to get only the best when you opt for stretch film rolls online.

Plastic Bin Moving Crates for Safe Shifting Services for Packers and Movers Our plastic, stackable Moving Crates are delivered to your door. After your move, we pick the boxes up at your new location. There is no assembly or breakdown.

  1. Save Time. Moving Crates do not need any assembly or tape. They nest inside each other when empty, and stack packed on top of each other for easy moving. We deliver to your door so you can focus your time on moving.
  2. Save Money. Moving Crates are cheaper than moving with cardboard boxes. No materials are needed to assemble the boxes and no time is wasted buying the materials.
  3. Reduce Waste. Moving Crates are reusable up to 400 times unlike cardboard boxes.
  4. No More Curbside Recycling of Cardboard Boxes. Moving Crates are picked up after you finish unpacking which saves you the hassle of dragging cardboard packing boxes to the curb for recycling pickup.


The Best Tape for Moving Boxes

You have four options: shipping tape, masking tape, duct tape, or filament tape.

  1. Shipping tape is a thin-but-sturdy tape that is either clear or brown. It is cheap, easy to use, and strong enough to seal boxes. It is also water-resistant and very sticky. It is your BEST option for the average moving box.
  2. Masking tape is a light brown tape that has the feel of paper. It is very easy to rip and wet. It is also very easy to use – though sticky, it is easy to peel and place, and it can be written on. Due to its weakness, masking tape is better for labeling boxes, not sealing them.
  3. Duct tape is the water buffalo of tapes. It is sturdier than a tree and stickier than Velcro dipped in glue. It is often grey, and it is reinforced with cloth or plastic, making it difficult to work with but extremely resilient. Duct tape is best for reinforcing very heavy boxes or for securing items in place.
  4. Filament tape – This tape is similar to shipping tape, except is it reinforced with an inner, plastic lining, making it very difficult to rip and cut. Like duct tape, it is good for heavy boxes.

Tapes You Should NOT to Use:

  1. Electrical tape – It has little held and is very expensive.
  2. Scotch tape – Save this weak stuff for taping together your ripped dollar bills.
  3. Medical tape – For obvious reasons.

Moving Blankets Best for Local Shifting

Moving blankets are designed to protect your furniture, furnishings, and valuables from damage during a move. Whether you’ve hired professional movers or are doing it yourself, you want to make sure your items are protected from scratches, dings, and dents as you journey to your new location. Buying your own moving blankets can be cheaper than renting them from a mover, and when you wrap your items yourself, you know you’ve protected things the way that you want. Because your moving blankets will be protecting some of your most prized possessions, it is imperative that they be of appropriate quality for the task. All moving blankets are not the same; as you shop, you will find them in a multitude of quality and trim levels. To get the most out of your move, reading our handy buying guide on moving blankets. We offer tips and information that will help you as you move, and we spotlight some of our favorite moving blankets for your consideration.

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