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We are professional packers and movers . In order to expand our services throughout India and to reach out to every customer in India , we are trying to integrate our knowledge and services for safe Relocation needs.In order to achieve and reach our goals, we are offering our specialized services and experienced manpower for all your requirements whole India. We are currently offering Intercity & Domestic Relocation services in the area of Commercial & Household Relocation Need.

We SHARMA RELOCATION’S & WAREHOUSING CO., offers the best Auto transport movers and in the business. We provide professional Nationwide-wide two wheeler & car move offer Service of door to door services i.e. Car is picked from your house and shifted to your desired place. Customers can avail the service at reasonable rates and with the help of trailers; movement of car is possible to any required place in India.

RelocationsIndia dot net is the highly rated and trusted website for relocation services in Bangalore, India, Sharma relocation packers and movers offers best and are rated among the leading relocation companies in Bangalore. We are committed to provide best quality packers and movers services in Bangalore offering Home relocation, Office relocation, Bike relocation, Car relocation Services and household transport services in Bangalore. We Sharma Relocation packers and Movers Company of Bangalore located in electronic city (56/11,Ananth Nagar Main Road, Near Huskur Main Gate, Electronic city Post, Near Vijay Icon Apartment, Bangalore-560 100.India.).

Relocation Packers and Movers Services in Bangalore, Sharma relocation Packers and movers Offers the best domestic household packing and moving Services for local relocation services with packing and moving services at a very affordable shifting charges. We also provide long distance relocation services for home and Office shifting at very reasonable relocation charges from Bangalore to Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Primary Relocation Services in Bangalore by Sharma Relocation and Warehousing co..,

Relocation Packers and Movers Services in Bangalore

Sharma relocation Packers and movers Offers the best domestic household packing and moving Services for local relocation services with packing and moving services at a very affordable shifting charges. We also provide long distance relocation services for home and Office shifting at very reasonable relocation charges from Bangalore to Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

House Relocation Services Bangalore

House or domestic shifting services is our niche service we provide trained and skill labors for packing and safe loading and unloading services. Our House relocation services include

Benefit of hiring Movers and packers in Bangalore how Jeethendra Supports your Relocation

  • Best Transportation Services and Relocation Services

    Bangalore is among the top ranked city in the world and most preferred Indian city when it comes to start up and making business. And this very reasons why there is an explosion in migrating population in the Bangalore city. Migrating population has opened the opportunity for new business to thrive in the city and Packers and movers Business in no exception. Household transportation for both people moving into the city and out of the city is no secret.

  • What is Packers and Movers or relocation companies Offer?

    Movers and packers are an agency, companies or a group of people who aids you in your home or business shifting from one place to another. Since individuals home owners or office owners cannot manage to organize movement of goods they hire a packers and movers companies for the relocation of their belongings more efficiently and securely for transportation of goods.

  • Shifting Services offered by Packers and Movers

    There are multiple and customized number of services offered by the packing and moving companies in Bangalore to suit individuals need for shifting at a expected relocation budget. And these services are tailored to meet almost every customer shifting preferences for moving a single item shifting to complete moving services.

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When to Book a packers and movers Services?

There is no clear answer to on when is the best time to hire a packers and movers services, when individual or home owners looking to shift their residence to a new location they can engage the services of relocation companies. However if you want to reduce the hassle of shifting do not want ant trouble during the last minute it is always wise to plan you moving in advance so that you avoid engaging a unprofessional and unreliable moving companies. It is always best to avoid hiring last minute moving services as you could end up hiring moving services at a premium price and non availability of shifting services can ruin your day.


How to make a Moving Plan?

Planning your relocation is the first and most important aspect when doing a local or long distance moving. Planning things will boost your confidence and gives you a complete control over the situation and avoid the last minute panic. When planning a shifting you should always clear your mind and focus on the most essential things. Preparation is critical to achieving a successful move. One of the most important aspects of your move preparation is packing. We have learned from experience that many customers go through a difficult period of packing and unpacking because they didn’t realize how important it is to have a good planning system.

Whether your move is just a block away or to another city or state, it is important to pack everything in an organized manner and to ensure that fragile items are well protected. Below are 10 simple packing tips that can save you a lot of hassle during your move. These moving tips were gathered from expert moving companies from our network that have years of experience in packing for local or long distance moves.

First of all, pack your personal valuables separately. For items that require security, keep them with you during the move. Examples of personal items that should be packed separately and kept close to you are address books, financial documents, insurance policies, real estate titles, school and employment documents, medical records, checkbooks, cash, and jewelry. Make sure to pack what you need for the first night of your arrival separately so you have personal care items and other necessities on hand. You will be very thankful for this as you will be ready to collapse on your first day and won’t have time or energy to do any unpacking.

Before you start packing your moving boxes, have a color coding system in place and organize the categories to use for labeling your boxes. The most common categories used are kitchen, toilet/bathroom, kid’s room, master bedroom, living room, etc. Don’t forget to label each box you close. Don’t mix items from different rooms in the same box. For every box you complete, make sure to write where it should go, for example, master bedroom.

Make use of wardrobe boxes so that closets are easier to pack. You can leave clothes on hangers which will save you a lot of time packing and unpacking.

To ensure you have not forgotten anything, open all doors and drawers. It is best to pack one room or one area at a time and close the area as a sign that it has been completely packed up.

The kitchen is usually the longest to pack so allot sufficient time. Make sure to wrap items individually. Stack dishes upwards and use sufficient paper and packing materials. Avoid using newsprint on china as it can cause stains on your dishes.

It is better to pack electronic equipment such as computers, TVs, air conditioners, and stereos in their original boxes. Use sufficient bubble wrap for protection.

While getting second hand boxes or used supermarket boxes can save you money, it is better to avoid them as you are not sure they are sturdy enough or what bug or critter could be hiding that you would be bringing to your new home.

When taking furniture or other items apart, be sure to place all parts together, preferably taped securely to the main base.

Always have extra wardrobe boxes available on the morning of your move as you will need to pack the last night’s bed linens, comforters, and clothes last used.

One important advantage of hiring a moving company is their expertise in packing even fragile or odd-shaped items that could get damaged during a move. They ensure that everything is properly packed, labeled, so that it becomes easy to unpack when you arrive. Moving companies offer professional packing and unpacking services to help reduce the stress of moving.

If you hire a moving company but opt to do your own packing, make sure to pack your items properly. Movers can supply you with high quality packing materials including moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. Please keep in mind that moving companies are not liable for breakage of items that they did not pack. By following these simple packing tips, you will save yourself a lot of headaches after your move.

Once you decide to hire a packers and movers services. You are required to check on Guidelines to hire a professional packers and movers services in Bangalore

Moving is always an experts' job. Thus, when it comes to moving, you must put stakes on professional packers and movers – not without reasons though. Putting money on them gives you an array of benefits.

They know the right way: Since they are professionals, these moving companies in Bangalore know moving goods in the right way. Whether it's packing, un-assembling furniture and re-assembling them, moving them, or handling them with precision, they know the right way. Hence, they ensure the safety and security of your assets.

They know the right way of packing: They know about packing things as per their merit. In other words, they know the right way to pack things. Be fragile crockery sets or the electronic and electrical appliances, small or large furniture, these interstate moving house services in Sydney would pack them in precisely the way they ought to be, to ensure their safety and security.

They would ensure your assets’ safety: When it comes to moving your assets, these professionals would take the utmost care. They will adopt the right method of carrying them and loading them on the truck, drive them to your new address regardless of the distance, unload them, and set them up at your new address in an impeccable manner to make it a seamless move.

They are insured: When you put money on a quality office or home removal company in Sydney, you can be assured that the company carries with them a comprehensive insurance coverage package. This guarantees that in case of any mishap during the move, you are saved from any financial compensation.

They save you from the hassle: Last but not the least, when you put your stakes on a reputed furniture packing and moving company in Bangalore, you are saved from the hassles of making the move a success. From packing to dismantling, from unpacking and reassembling – they would do all as you take care of other things.

How much does it cost to hire a moving company?

The price quoted by Packers Movers companies for relocation will likely be based on the following factors:

  • Distance between your current location of residence and new location of residence
  • The size of your belongings, number of shipments and the nature of your belongings and
  • If you avail features such as shipments insurance and warehouse facility, they too will become a part of the service cost

As a rule of thumb, the focus should not be on the service cost of Packers and Movers, rather on their reliability, experience and quality of service.

House Size Labor Charges Packing Charges Transportation Charges Total Cost (Approx)
1 BHK House Rs 1,500 - 2,500 Rs 3,000 - 4,500 Rs 3,500 - 5,000 Rs 4,000 - 10,000
2 BHK House Rs 2,000 - 3,000 Rs 2,500 - 3,500 Rs 4,000 - 5,500 Rs 5,500 - 14,000
2 BHK House Rs 3,000 - 4,000 Rs 3,000 - 5,000 Rs 4,000 - 8,000 Rs 6,000 - 17,000

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Do You Have Any Questions?

We have extracted some of the most common and popular consumer experiences one may face either prior, during or post shifting and have tried to address them. Let's have a look at what our customers have in their may also be hovering with the same thought.

Q1. What is your Solution for an open truck?

Ans. Well, we have a solution for this. Packing things in a right possible manner to minimize the potential loss during transportation of household goods by open truck can be a good solution. We try to arrange Closed metal container as much as possible for moving.

Q2. Do you charge for Pre Move Survey?

Ans.No, we do not charge anything for Pre move survey and it is free of cost.

Q3. Would you charge me for a full truck?

Ans.If you have shipment exceeding 500 Cft in volume, it is best advised to hire a Full truck load.But when moving a long distance over 1000Km it is possible to offer Part load moving also and it is also the free will of the customer’s choice to specify what kind of moving they want.

Q4. How Safe is Shared truck Moving?

Ans.Share truck moving is equally safe and also cost effective way to shift things, when you have a less than a truck moving.

Q5. Can I move household goods and Motor car in the same truck?

Ans.Yes, Car carrier are the perfect solution to move your household goods and car in the same truck provided the truck is fully and completely used for your moving. It is also important to note their need to be access and vehicle parking for big size truck 32 feet car carrier to be precise.

Q6. Will you pack Pooja mandir and deities Photo frame securely?

Ans.Yes, we respect your emotions more than anything. We would remove footwear and wash hands before we pack idols, pooja items.

Q7. Would it be possible to pack household items in advance prior to Shifting?

Ans.Certainly, if cost is not the factor for you we can always pack things prior to moving. As we are required to organize the shifting in two phases it is escalate the cost.

Q8. Is there a Single point of contact to avoid talking to multiple team members?

Ans.Yes, you do not have to contact multiple numbers from start to finish you can reach at 9341321545 from getting the moving quote to delivery of shipment.

Q9. Do you assist local Moving also?

Ans.We are the pioneer local packers and movers company and we assist intra city relocation also.

Q10. Would you transship my household goods?

Ans.No, our first and foremost priority is safety of goods. Unless the vehicle breakdowns or Accident we would no transship your materials.

Q11. Do you provide insurance policy cover note?

Ans.Yes, if you have opted for transit Insurance we would certainly provide Insurance policy cover note for safety.

Q12. Are Pots and Plants also moved along with home items?

Ans.We would love to move flower pots and plants along with household items, with a condition to engage full truck load services.

Q13. Can you support pet relocation services also?

Ans.Only when you hire a full truck load transport services, we can also transport pets for customers. One of your member should be escort the vehicle.

Q14. Will moving price changes at the last minute?

Ans.No, we are strictly against overcharging customers, unless there is a last minute addition of things during packing and if there is no significant rise in volume we may even far go extra cost.

Q15. What is your mode of payment?

Ans.We accept bank transfer, Google pay, phonepe and cash as a mode of payment acceptance for our packing and moving services.

Q16. Can I move by bike along with Home articles?

Ans.Yes, you can transport bike and home articles in a single moving and do not have to over spend on moving bike alone.

Q17. Can I keep carton boxes after your shift?

Ans.Yes, when you have paid for the packing charges, you have every right to keep carton boxes for your self. We charge Rs.80/- per carton boxes only during local moving.

Q18. Do I have pay extra charges at later stages?

Ans.No, Not at all. When the moving contract is signed and agreed you do not have to pay any thing extra over agreed moving price.

Q19. Is Insurance required for Car or Bike Transportation?

Ans.No, your current bike and car insurance will cover your state to state moving, Please check the same with your insurance company also.

Q20. Is your relocation charges inclusive of packaging material cost?

Ans.Yes, certainly our relocation package included packing material cost also and customers do not have to pay anything extra for packing.

Q21. How do I track my movement of Household Goods? Will I have to call the driver?

Ans.You can reach us at 9341321545 for knowing the materials in transit and do not have to call driver.

Q22. What if I have any grievance or wish to write my comments?

Ans.You can write to us at in case of any concern related to subject of moving.

Q23. What are documents required for Bike and Car Transportation?

Ans.You are required to provide following documents for Bike or car transportation

  • RC Copy- Registration Certificate
  • Insurance copy
  • Photo Id Proof

All the documents should be in duplicate and original documents are not required.

Q24. How to reach your Office?

Ans.We are available at Office at- 56/11,Ananth Nagar Main Road, Near Huskur Main Gate, Electronic city Post, Near Vijay Icon Apartment, Bangalore-560 100.India. Monday to Saturday -8.00 am- 5.00pm

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